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Ways to Earn Money with Bitcoin ( 7 Ways Easy )

Earn Money Bit Coin with 7 easy ways 

There are a number of ways that individuals can generate Bitcoin online. Unfortunately, like in real life, nothing is truly free. All ways to make money with Bitcoin always need something instead, be it time, knowledge, or computer processing.

Some ways to earn money with Bitcoin described below will mention various things, including how to do business to a certain level of expertise about the Bitcoin industry and market. Therefore, keep in mind that making money with Bitcoin is not as easy as expected, because a high level of knowledge also plays an important role.
ways tor earn money

1. Trading Bitcoin

The first way to earn money with Bitcoin is to trade Bitcoin. The principle used is exactly the same as buying and selling in the real world, namely "buy at wholesale prices, sell at retail prices" or "buy cheap prices, sell at a more expensive price" . This trade can be done, either with P2P (Peer-to-Peer) directly without intermediaries, or using Marketplace or Broker services.

Examples of Marketplace that we can use are Indodax, Triv, and so on. This marketplace usually provides a special platform that can match the prices of sellers and buyers, then execute the order. However, usually the profit is determined in one direction, that is, when it has bought at a low price, and sells it at a more expensive price.

While the examples of brokers that provide trading features of Bitcoin are Instaforex, FXOpen, and so on . Another way that is still associated with Bitcoin Trading is Bitcoin Futures, which can be done at various Futures Market providers such as CBOE and CME Group. Keep in mind, Trading Bitcoin offers huge profits, but the risk of loss is also comparable. So, you have to really think about the risk-taking readiness that you can accept.

2. Micro Income

Although micro-income is the easiest method to earn money with Bitcoin, it is the most demanding time compared to how to earn money with other Bitcoin. Various micro-income websites pay you in the form of Bitcoin to complete a number of small tasks. Examples of these micro-income sites are:

Paid To Click (PTC)
This site pays its users with Bitcoin to visit websites or see certain advertisements. There are many PTC websites that will pay for small activities with Bitcoin like Ads4BTC. Our task is very easy, namely just visiting one site or advertisement for 5, 10, to 20 seconds. Usually, for income per day that can be obtained from PTC only less than $ 1. But income can be maximized if we have quite a lot of referrals.

Bitcoin Faucet
Bitcoin Faucet is one type of website that gives users a small amount of Bitcoin, while site owners will make money from ad placement on their website. Until now, the number of industries engaged in Faucet Bitcoin is more than 50% of all traffic on leading Bitcoin websites (consisting of exchanges, Wallet, etc.).
Micro Work
Micro jobs are small tasks that can be completed in return for a small amount of Bitcoin. Websites like Coinworker offer such tasks, which may only involve plugin testing tasks to see if the plugin is compatible with the browser, the task of retweeting posts, or other small tasks. Indeed, this category is still only able to provide very small rewards, but its potential is greater than PTC.

3. Bitcoin Site for Passive Income

One of the most probable and successful opportunities is to create a site that contains all the information about Bitcoin and crypto currencies in general . You can discuss about Bitcoin news, knowledge of Bitcoin, as well as various other things related to Bitcoin and crypto currencies.

Indeed, it takes a longer time (around 5-12 months) and some money to rent Domains, Web Hosting, and Freelancers if needed, so that your efforts can begin to be replaced. But in the long run, with a controlled and credible site, this kind of site can generate many visitors, and from these visitors the coffers of money from Ads can be collected.

4. Selling Products and Services

Because Bitcoin is a currency, this means you can make money from selling almost all types of products and services by accepting Bitcoin as one of the payment instruments . Currently there are many Offline and Online stores in Indonesia that have received payments through Bitcoin. One example is CasCades Restaurant Ubud Bali, cilukba [dot] co [dot] id, and many other examples.

5. Mining Bitcoin

Bitcoin mining is arguably the most standard way to create wealth through Bitcoin. Bitcoin comes through solving complex algorithms that make blocks to be added to public Ledger (Blockchain). Long story short, miners basically build general ledgers and allow the entire Bitcoin system to function. When they make a new block, miners are given a gift of new Bitcoin. This encourages more miners to participate in mining, which allows the Bitcoin community to grow.

At first, Bitcoin mining can be done with a regular CPU. But along with the increasing difficulty of the algorithm, the CPU becomes obsolete and replaced with a GPU. Now, the GPU has also been replaced with an ASIC device. In Bitcoin mining, a full ROI (BEP) can be obtained in just a few months. But there are still various risks that might occur such as a decrease in the price of Bitcoin, to the appearance of damage to our mining equipment. To mine Bitcoin now, it takes up to hundreds of millions of funds , because for 1 ASIC device is valued at around Rp. 25 million to Rp. 89 million.

6. Bitcoin investment

The principle of Bitcoin investment is almost the same as Bitcoin Trading, but the difference lies in the period of HODL that is carried out. For example, when Trading only requires a short period of time (daily, monthly), investments can be made for years . This investment can be done by buying Bitcoin at a fairly cheap price, then storing it for a long period of time (eg several years), and reselling it when the price is higher. The goal is of course to get big profits.

Bitcoin was initially only valued at $ 0.0015 (less than 1 cent) in 2009. Then in 2010, the price was $ 0.31. At the end of 2017, the price of Bitcoin continues to rise to near the $ 20,000 mark. If we can invest funds from 3 years ago, surely the profits earned are already in hundreds of percent. In addition to investing in buying Bitcoin, you can also invest in several projects involving Bitcoin as the payment currency.

7. Lending (Margin Funding)
This last method is not as popular as normal trading. Some exchanges allow you to "lend" Bitcoin to other users . At Bitfinex and Poloniex, you can make money from Bitcoin through margin funding, even though the results are only a few.

If you have a higher risk tolerance, taking advantage of programs like SALT might be a pretty good option. SALT is a relatively new platform and provides cash loans when you provide crypto assets as collateral. By using a loan program, you can take a cash loan and reinvest it in the crypto market, for the purpose of increasing the position before the loan ends. But it should be noted, this method is the most risky.

Interested in Bitcoin? In order to benefit from the value of Bitcoin, you need to know when it is appropriate to buy and sell Bitcoin. Well, one way to understand it is to know the factors that influence the price of Bitcoin .

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