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2 Ways How to Take a screenshot iPhone 13

This time I will also talk about how to take screenshots on iPhone 13 quickly and easily. You can take screenshots on iPhone 13 without using buttons or using buttons as screen controls.

Screenshot is the process of taking a photo of your phone screen into a jpg file that you can share on social media or other platforms.

Screenshots can be taken not only on iOS users, but also on Android smartphone users.

Yes, but in this thread I will give a tutorial on how to take an iPhone 13 screenshot,

How to take screenshot iPhone 13

2 ways to take a screenshot of iPhone 13. 

The easiest way to take a screenshot on iPhone 13 is through the combination button as a screenshot command. You can see and use the two buttons on each side of the phone for various purposes, including taking screenshots. How to take a screenshot using the combo button, short press the Volume Up button (on the left side of the iPhone) while pressing the side button (on the right side).

The technique must be performed at the same time, both must be pressed until a screenshot is obtained.

Until you get the sound effects and shutter on the screen of your iPhone 13, you will automatically see a thumbnail of the screenshot you just captured in the lower left corner of the screen. If you ignore the thumbnail in the corner, it will disappear after a while, indicating that the screenshot was saved on the iPhone 13.

More options You can also swipe left to delete the screenshot.

When the thumbnail is gone, your iPhone 13 is already working to automatically save the image in the Photos app.

Now on this phone in December 2021, users cannot disable thumbnail preview, but it may change in the iOS version on future iPhone models.

# Edit iPhone 13 screenshot. 

Each screenshot you worked on, you can edit it as you like. For example, give a signal, make several important changes to screenshots.

Before editing the screenshot image on iPhone 13, start from the screenshot process above to get a thumbnail that appears in the corner of your iPhone screen.

When you edit it, you can start by tapping on it. Then you will see a special image editing mode where you can start marking, cropping the image, rotating the screenshot image or annotating the screenshot image before saving it. Besides, you can also delete the screenshot if you don't like the result. To remove it, tap the trash can icon in the top right corner.

When you are done in edit mode, you can tap "Done" visible in the corner of the screen, then select "Save to photo". The edited iPhone 13 screenshot will be saved in the Photos app on your phone.

How to take a screenshot of iPhone 13 without pressing a button

The second option is more interesting because you can take screenshots without pressing the two buttons above. Some users may find it difficult to press the merge button as mentioned above. Of course the iPhone 13 has another option when taking screenshots, use without buttons

The first way is to touch the back of the phone thanks to a feature called "Back Tap". Previously, you could set it up as, go to Settings and go to Accessibility> Touch> Touch Back.

screenshot iPhone 13

Then set "Screenshot" to double or triple tap option and you can tap on the back of the iPhone to take a screenshot.

The AssistiveTouch feature of the iPhone also allows you to take screenshots without combining two buttons. You can also set it up the same way you can start by opening the Settings app and then continue by opening Accessibility> Touch> AssistiveTouch.

Once in the AssistiveTouc menu, start setting "Screenshot" to a custom action. Or you can also take a screenshot of your iPhone 13 directly from the AssistiveTouch menu by opening the menu and tapping Devices, More, then Screenshots.

Your iPhone 13 screenshot image will be saved automatically.

The system will automatically save each of your screenshots on your device as a png or JPG file. You can see it by visiting the phone album app, there you will see different photo collections stored.

Thumbnail lists of all images and screenshots are visible there ready to be shared.

As with other photos, screenshots can also be edited. For example, dial, rotate, change color, cut, etc.

Meanwhile, if the screenshot is not what you expected, you can also delete it by pressing the trash can icon.

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