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How to fix a slow iPhone, is Very Simple.

How to overcome a slow iPhone is a necessity that must be done by the owner of the cellphone. Regardless of the type of iPhone you are currently using, you may experience slow performance.

The iPhone is one of the most popular mobile phones which is known to work very well. Each device is packed with great styles and models, from the oldest to the newest.

 But sometimes problems can still occur on your iPhone phone, such as a small bug in a function to slow down the performance. Various possibilities could be the cause for example after iOS update especially on older iPhones like iPhone 5, 6, 7,8 etc.

 It is known that the price of the iPhone is more expensive than other brands, but that does not mean that there are no problems. We recommend that you take it to an Apple Service Center if you experience any serious problems. There you will get proper handling by Apple technicians.

How to fix a slow iPhone

How to fix a slow iPhone
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Saya tidak membahas panjang terkait dengan penyebab iPhone menjadi lambat performanya, pembahasan kali ini lebih menekankan cara mengatasi iPhone lelet dikarenakan oleh penyebab umum.

Pemakaian ponsel lelet tentu akan menjadikan anda tidak nyaman, Sebaiknya segera mungkin untuk mengatasi masalah apapun yang terjadi pada iPhone anda. Berikut beberapa cara mengatasi ponsel iPhone menjadi lambat.

# Delete unused applications.

Each application installed on your iPhone will use the memory of your iPhone smartphone. And conversely, more and more applications can affect your phone's performance as well.

The first way to deal with slow iPhone that you can do is to check and select the installed apps to decide to remove them and make the phone lighter.

You can check all the apps installed there and then uninstall them to free up more storage space on iPhone. Simply put, any full iPhone memory will impact the device's ability to slow down.

# Restart iPhone.

The second easiest way to fix iPhone from any minor system error is to restart it. There are so many benefits of resetting iPhone, simply soft reset is considered to be the best solution to upgrade your mobile.

The easiest way to restore iPhone performance to normal is to restart the iPhone. The reboot cleared some unused cache.

Simply hold down the volume up button and the power button until the power off slider appears. Pull the slider until the appliance turns off, then turn it on again while holding the switch.

If your iPhone minor repair is over there, then you don't need to take any further action and start using your mobile as usual.

# Disable background app refresh

The following tips for recovering the next slow iPhone device are also quite simple. After doing the above two tips but not getting a performance boost, you should also try to turn off automatic download of updates and turn off iPhone's automatic background update apps. Everything on your iPhone cannot be separated from the system function, so the more system tasks you do, the performance will drop.

By refresh in the background, iPhone apps will always keep the user updated. On the other hand, updating the app in the background further increases the system load of the iPhone. Disabling this feature will definitely prevent the iPhone from slowing down and running smoothly.

#Turn off the automatic download feature

Who doesn't know that the features of applications and services often have the ability to download automatic updates. This is a separate operation of the system without the owner's knowledge and slows down the phone. How to fix a slow iPhone also does not require any serious technical steps, you need to enable automatic downloads.

Apps or games installed on iPhone usually receive regular updates from developers. iPhone automatically updates installed apps or games. To keep iPhone from slowing down quickly, you need to take a little action by turning off automatic downloads. You can choose the latest update from many frequently used applications.

These tips are very simple, but they are seldom known to affect the speed of your iPhone.

# Disable visual effects

Cool features on a pretty cool iPhone. Thanks to the visual effects of the iPhone menu interface, this smartphone is striking and attractive. But users rarely know that it is very tiring on the iPhone system. One way to fix your slow iPhone is to disable this feature by opening the Settings menu, selecting General, selecting Accessibility and selecting Increase Contrast.

You can also turn on Reduce Transparency. You can also disable the motion feature via the Accessibility menu and then reduce the Motion option to Enabled.

These are simple tips and tricks you can do when your iPhone is experiencing a performance hit. Hopefully, this discussion on how to fix slow iPhone has been helpful.

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