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How to Restart iPhone All Type

Restarting the iPhone is an alternative method to refresh the system. Fixed some minor errors that occurred to the process caused by cached data.

When iphone Error, slow, So by restarting it refresh again. According to some people also argue that restarting the iPhone is part of the routine that must be done in an effort to give time to rest the components of the cellphone.

In general, restarting the iPhone is the best option, also known as a soft reset. In addition, the benefits of restarting the phone periodically are also considered an effort to maintain stable performance.

This also applies to various other devices, for example android by turning it off and on again will provide a refresher to the system and components.

How to restart an iPhone is slightly different from Android, technically both have a restart feature.

How to Restart iPhone All types.

How to Restart iPhone
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Whatever the purpose of restarting your iPhone, in general this action has many benefits. How do you restart your iPhone?

There are 3 ways that you can use, you can listen to some of the steps and methods that you can use when restarting your cellphone.

1. How to Restart iPhone Through System

The first way that you can use when you are about to restart your iPhone is to take advantage of the feature and restart the system.

This method is considered the simplest and recommended. This method can also be done on a regular iPhone that you just want to upgrade.

Following are the steps you need to take.

First Press the "Sleep/Wake" button and hold it until the red scroll option appears on the screen. Then you Drag the slider until the iPhone turns off completely.

The next stage, you press and hold the "Sleep/Wake" button again until the Apple logo appears on your iPhone.

2. How to Restart iPhone with "Force".

Maybe you have problems or can't use the first method when restarting the iPhone. If your iPhone is not restarting properly as it should, as in general then can opt for the iPhone forced restart method which might be the best option. Here's how to "force" restart your iPhone:

First you Press and hold the 'Sleep/Wake' button for about 10 seconds. Then wait until your iPhone appears on the screen until the Apple logo is normal.

But note that forcing the phone to restart is not recommended every time. Besides that, this method can only be done only on iPhone 4s or higher types.

While on lower generation iPhones, a forced restart is done by pressing the Home button for 6-10 seconds without pressing the red scroll button.

3. How to restart iPhone without pressing a button

You can also do how to restart the next iPhone without pressing a button. Here are the steps to restart when iPhone freezes without the Home button.

First, go to the iPhone menu and select "Settings".

Next, continue by selecting the "General" menu and select the "Accessibility" menu, then switch to the "ON" position which corresponds to the wording "Bold text". Then the words "Apply these settings when your iPhone restarts" will appear on the screen. Select "Continue". The iPhone will restart automatically.

You can also reset iPhone without buttons by restoring the existing settings on the iPhone wireless network.

That's 3 easy ways to restart iPhone, hopefully it's useful

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